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  • 2017. Kaya, Serdar. Freedom of Expression versus Religious Sensitivities: Charlie Hebdo and Muhammad Cartoons [İfade Özgürlüğü ve Dini Hassasiyetler: Charlie Hebdo ve Hz. Muhammed Karikatürleri]. Istanbul: Liber Plus. [türkçe]
    190 pages
    ISBN-10: 605-83324-7-8
    ISBN-13: 978-605-83324-7-8
  • 2010. Kaya, Serdar. Indoctrination; and Social Engineering in Turkey [Endoktrinasyon ve Türkiye’de Toplum Mühendisliği.]. Ankara: Nirengi. [türkçe]
    236 pages
    ISBN-10: 605-5515-00-8
    ISBN-13: 978-605-5515-00-3
  • Endoktrinasyon ve Türkiye'de Toplum Mühendisliği / Serdar Kaya Details:
    The book examines the nation-building process in Turkey, and inquires into the genesis of the prevalent “authoritarian personality” in the country. It starts off with a detailed focus on the findings of the major social psychology experiments, such as (1) the Milgram experiment, (2) the Stanford Prison Experiment, (3) the Asch experiment, and (4) Jane Elliott's blue-eyed/brown-eyed exercise, and relates the findings of these experiments to the concept of the banality of evil, coined by Hannah Arendt. The book then evaluates the political socialization process in the country with a special focus on the cult of personality around Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Throughout the process, the book compares and contrasts the characteristics of the Turkish case to the modern concepts such as nationalism, militarism, or the nation-state. The conclusion section provides prospects about the possible outcomes of the dialectical relationship between the republicanist and the progressive discourses.

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