Waiheke Island, New Zealand / 10 April 2017

I am a political scientist with specializations in Comparative Politics and International Relations. My research and teaching revolve around political sociology and political psychology. I focus on migration, multiculturalism, intergroup processes, and more specifically, Islam-West relations. Regionwise, I am interested in Western democracies with Muslim minorities, and the Middle East.

My doctoral dissertation (Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2015) investigated the attitudes toward Muslim immigrants in Western Europe, and my postdoctoral research (The University of Queensland, Australia) focused on forced migration. I am currently working on two projects. One focuses on the direction of multiculturalist policies, and comparatively analyzes Europe and settler-colonial Western countries. The other investigates violent Islamic groups such as ISIL, and their appeal to Muslim youth in Western countries.

I am not always able to answer all the emails I receive, but I read every piece.

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Note: I am not the only Serdar Kaya around. There are thousands of others. Please google with care.

Last Updated: 20 July 2018