Waiheke Island, New Zealand / 10 April 2017

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia. My doctoral dissertation (Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2015) focused on the attitudes toward Muslim immigrants in Western Europe. I am currently working on a project on forced displacement.

I specialize in Comparative Politics and International Relations. My research and teaching interests revolve around political sociology and political psychology. I focus on migration, multiculturalism, intergroup processes, and more specifically, Islam-West relations. Regionwise, I am interested in Western democracies with Muslim minorities, and the Middle East.

I am not always able to answer all the emails I receive, but I read every piece.

The contact link below is the best way to reach me.

Note: I am not the only Serdar Kaya around. There are thousands of others. Please google with care.

Last Updated: 22 March 2017